Soar with the Eagles

Learn life lessons and have fun with motivational stories that will get you thinking.

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The Eagle is the King of the Sky. These motivational tales encourages audiences to soar above life’s difficulties and realize their full potential. Using the example of the strength of the Eagle, Janice the Griot inspires young adults to spread their wings and believe they can fly.

Underground Railroad Exploits

Listen to stories of love, freedom and sacrifice through the eyes of those who would be free.

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There are two mistakes slave owners made. They underestimated the intelligence of the people they enslaved and the determination of a person to be free. Hidden codes, quilts, messages in song are just some of the inventive methods used to find a way to freedom. Janice the Griot tells of these historic and courageous tales of freedom.


Entertain with Bible stories and stories with a moral as an alternative to Halloween.

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Are you tired of dark symbols of witches and demons associated with October 31st? Janice the Griot will help young children celebrate alternative positive messages. Put aside the costumes and take off the masks. Celebrate the goodness of God and positive role models in Scripture and History. Hear Bible tales set to syncopated rap rhythms.


How to Celebrate Kwanzaa – Learn the 7 symbols and principles of Kwanzaa in story and song.

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What is Kwanzaa and why should we celebrate this cultural holiday? Janice the Griot will answer these questions as well as guide audiences through a Kwanzaa celebration complete with the seven symbols and seven principles, origins and meanings. This informative program includes Kwanzaa stories and songs.

Passage to Freedom

Travel in story from Africa to Slavery to Freedom – Stories of the Underground Railroad, Civil Rights and African American Freedom Fighters.

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“And before I’d be a slave I’ll be buried in my grave and go home to my Lord and be free.” Janice the Griot uses historical stories to take audiences through Emancipation, Jim Crow, Civil Rights up to Black Lives Matter. Relive an escape from slavery. Walk a picket line. Sing a Freedom song. Be a part of the story.

Fun with Animal Folktales

Have fun clapping and singing with interactive animal stories including Brer Rabbit and Anansi the Spider.

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These are stories for the young and the young at heart. Relive a time when animals walked upright and talked. Janice the Griot tells tales of Anansi the Spider and Brer Rabbit using puppets, songs and audience participation.

Women of Freedom

Take historical journeys with portrayals of courageous African American Women.

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Learn of the tragedies and triumphs of Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Phillis Wheatley and other courageous women of African descent through interactive costumed re-enactments by Griot, Janice Curtis Greene. Audiences learn of the Underground Railroad, sing Negro Spirituals and Freedom Songs, sit on the bus and more as Janice the Griot takes them on an Historical Journey they will never forget.”